Alfonso Merchand Photography




Studies in Commercial Photography

At a glance, our work in the last 30 years in the Commercial Photography Business has been the permanent search in the conception and development of each and every single project we have had the privilege to collaborate with the most diverse Clients, Advertising Agencies and Graphic Designers.

We’ve tried to put to test our creative and technical skills all over the production of every single image. We believe that each photographic project offers the opportunity to go, as far as possible, within and beyond the limits of our craft. Every single photograph taken, means a chance to exploit all the tools, past and present, that we have at our disposition.

With the sudden and major breakthrough of the digital era in photography, it just became a new way to help us exploit the medium in a completely different manner, blowing away misconceptions inherent in the limitations of film and printing media. Digital technology in Photography has become a new frontier which we are eager and ready to explore.

Today, the most sophisticated processes are attainable to everyone of us, meaning reasonable budgets even for the most outlandish creative concepts. What used to be just simple daydreaming, a visionary fantasy, or just a concept so outrageously expensive to produce, today is within easy reach of careful and dedicated creative minds. 

We want to continue collaborating in the permanent endeavour for the elusive, perfect, unique and unforgettable image that will turn to be, we hope, a successful icon amidst the thousands of photographs we are exposed to, each and every day. To attest what can be achieved in the photographic realm. What can be expressed through form and content in a different ‘way of seeing’. Or just a renewal of things past, performed and achieved in a different way, with the same old tools or with the very latest state of the art instruments at our disposal... The joy of Photography as a craft, entails the necessity of trying again and again, and again, and every time, we are sure something worth seeing will come out after such a concerned effort.