Alfonso Merchand Photography


Studies in Commercial Photography

As a leading commercial photography firm, we have been working in the field for over thirty years. The studio was founded in Mexico City and we’ve recently expanded to New York City, with offices in both locations in order to foster the business’s expansion. We are currently looking to strengthen our work in New York by taking on additional clients and projects.


Since the business’s founding in 1984 we have worked on a vast spectrum of commercial campaigns – from unique product advertising in every kind of printed media, and spreads in fashion magazines, full catalogs for distinctive clothing and garments brands and department stores, to editorial and marketing projects for museums, hotels, and restaurants – as well as architectural and construction photography projects and also portraiture assignments. We have worked in both photography and video, analog and digital. Clients include: (for a full client list, click here.) We are experienced in working on projects of different sizes and types, and have worked with budgets as small as $3,000 and as big as $400,000 and beyond.


Because we are certain photography is more than just a craft – it is ‘a way of seeing’ – we are primarily focused on the client’s vision. Rather than asserting only our own style or idea, we always listen closely, we like the idea that our job is a ‘collaboration of sorts’. From the concept and art direction to budgeting to casting, scouting, and styling, to the shoot and post-production, Alfonso is skilled at managing every facet of the production process. With discipline, efficiency, and mastery, we pursuit to collaborate with the client in the  construct of the concept and built our images with care and dedication through to the finished product.


Alfonso decided to expand the business to New York City in order to widen the company’s horizons and expand the output—continuing always to be on the forefront of technology and inspired by fresh perspectives. He speaks English, French and Spanish, and works with a staff with varied interests and expertise. Our history and experience as a company makes us uniquely positioned to help clients, and we offer our new clients access to our resources in our office in Mexico as well as in New York.


There is always a story in a photographic image, and Advertising and Commercial photography thrives on them. Alfonso is one of the most masterful storytellers there is. By working with us, you are putting your project – your narrative, your vision – into the most capable hands.